Curvy Girl Run Club VIRTUAL 12 Week Session- March 25-June 19, 2021

Curvy Girl Run Club VIRTUAL 12 Week Session- March 25-June 19, 2021

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Welcome to the Curvy Girl Run Club 

Who is Curvy Girl Run Club? 

We are a community of strong women, brought together to support, inspire, and lift each other to meet our goal of walking + running to the finish line. Curvy Girl is not a size but a state of mind, all women are welcome. 


We Never Judge ONLY Love + Support

No negative talk about yourself or others

We push ourselves out of our comfort zone, remember your mind will give up before your body

When you think you can't go on, push 1 more time, 1 more minute, or 1 more moment to make us stronger

We all have different goals, reasons for joining or what inspires us, respect every woman


What is included in your program: March 25th - June 19th 

  • 12 - week training program with 2 days dedicated to running/walking with optional cross-training info for remaining days. Our virtual runs will take place on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. The training plan will be built for all paces with a slow and steady increase over the 12 weeks from 1/2 a mile to completing a 5k. 
  • Weekly informational newsletter on running tips & tricks
  • Weekly virtual meeting with experts in health, fitness, and nutrition 
  • One (30-minute) 1:1 coaching session with Dina Marie,  Creator of Curvy Girl Run Club and Author of the book My Fat Pant's Don't Fit 
  • Curvy Girl Run Club Tee Shirt 
  • Exclusive Handmade earrings from Willow + Vann 
  • Private Facebook community page for support and encouragement 
  • Goal race: Optional Virtual Race at the completion of the program (the goal race will be an additional cost and paid to the race company directly)
  • Race Date: June 19, 2021 at 8:00 am EST 

***Dina is run coach certified through UESCA****